Day 4

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That Toad Is Mine!

by Barbara Shook Hazen

    Online Phonics Practice


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Practice Sight Words  

Eduplace Word game, eGlossary, and web field trip 

Practice adding "ed"

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Practice adding "ed"

Spelling Sight Words

Re-read That Toad is Mine!, focus on reading with expression. Test yourself on your vocabulary words and see how many you can read in a minute.  

Vocabulary Words


coat grow
show slow toad
coast know again
both gone hard
or turn want
hoptoad know road

I Love Reading Books

Review Books 65

Phonics Practice Book: pages 113-114


Today you will be writing Toads and Frogs.  Write about the differences between Toads and Frogs..  Write a rough draft in your journal then type your writing in the space below.  Click on submit to send it to your teacher.  Remember to sign you name.

Include descriptive words in your writing. You will find descriptive words above in your Vocabulary words. You will also find descriptive words all through out your reading.  Descriptive words help the reader understand the facts in your story

Toads and Frogs




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